To save the lives of homeless cats & kittens!

Foster Paws Rescue is a non-profit group of animal lovers that seek to protect and provide for homeless cats in Greenville and surrounding counties. We dedicate our time and hearts to helping felines find homes and loving families. Though our resources are often limited, we cherish and nurture every cat we take under our care and see that they are adopted into loving homes. Until then, we make sure they live in a caring and comfortable environment.

Approximately 4 million adoptable pets are put to sleep each year, including millions of cats and kittens. It is estimated that 70% of homeless cats and kittens are “put to sleep”. Adopt and save a life!

According to the Humane Society of the United States, 10,000 babies are born in the U.S. on any given day. On that same day, however, 40,000 kittens are born. Match those two statistics up, and you’ll see that there will never be enough homes for all the kitties born in this country unless we all pledge to do two things: 1) take responsibility for spaying and neutering our pets, and 2) adopt a cat or kitten from a shelter or cat & kitten rescue organization.

In an effort to help people make good choices when they adopt a cat or kitten, many shelters and cat & kitten rescues provide adoption counseling to help match you up with the purr-fect cat or kitten for adoption.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that shelters and cat & kitten rescues are filled with kitties that were discarded because they’re “bad”. On the contrary, most cats & kittens for adoption are wonderful companions who became the victims of irresponsible owners who didn’t give pet adoption the careful thought it requires.